G3 recognizes that each client and project type require a unique suite of design services.

For corporate office interiors a scheme is realized through integration of the existing building envelope and the client’s spatial needs.  As architects and interior designers we study the way a client’s organization works, and how it aspires to work.  These factors allow us to map out a solution unique to our client and in harmony with the architecture that surrounds it.

G3 works with building landlords in a number of ways.  We assist leasing teams in the development of thoughtful and efficient test fit layouts for marketing purposes and potential tenants; we improve properties through renovations of shared public spaces: lobbies, corridors, and core facilities; and we develop pre-built suites that are attractive and distinctive yet neutral enough to suit the needs of a wide range of potential clients.

We provide building design services for commercial, institutional, mixed use development, and residential clients.  In each case we consider the relationship of the building to its environment, including key visual design factors such as massing, scale, proportion, materiality, and color; we think about the building’s purpose both functionally and socially, with a general awareness of how the project can enhance the user experience and improve its surroundings.

We always consider sustainability and green design opportunities and seek to create buildings and spaces that provide a healthful environment and are wise in the use of energy and natural resources. We are highly mindful of aesthetic sensibilities and create designs that are emblematic of each client’s goals.  We are concerned about value and strive to make sure the design of each project maximizes the client’s investment.  And we think about the future, always considering how our designs will adapt to changing needs and the extent to which the forces of change may need to be conceptual drivers of a project.  We are experts at working within tight spaces, time, and budget constraints, and continually deliver solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations.


Building design

We provide building design services for developers, corporate and institutional clients. In each case we consider building massing, scale, and proportion; the relationship of the building to its environment; the façade of the structure; and the interior layout of structural and mechanical systems.

Structures are sited to address views, as well as pedestrian and vehicular access with both present and potential conditions in mind. We are experts at working within tight spaces, time and budget constraints, and continually deliver solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations.



G3 is committed to a sustainable approach for each of our projects. As a corporate member of the US Green Building Council, we embrace environment sustainability as a company. In our own work and activities, we strive to provide responsible management by conducting operations in an environmentally sound manner; applying the principles of “reduce, reuse and recycle” in all processes; and promoting environmental responsibility among our employees through education.

We also work with our clients to identify appropriate sustainable goals, determine and manage effective approaches, and support successful implementation of their environmental and energy efficiency targets. We do this by encouraging our clients to incorporate in their projects the guidelines set forth by The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System.


Office interiors

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