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For ShowTime, G3 developed a simple plan: perimeter offices for senior personnel and a variety of meeting spaces, surrounding a large open are filled with generously sized workstations. A robust “gathering space / lounge” for the department’s employees was provided to allow work away from their desks.


The other important hub in the space is their quality control laboratory, where more than 40 monitors line the walls and flexible armatures of power and data allow constant swapping and upgrading of components easily and quickly. Clouds of conventional “dropped ceiling” have been introduced in both the offices and at the perimeter of the open area to help control sound and “hide” to a limited degree some mechanical equipment, but most of the space has been left open to the underside of the deck of the floor above. Pendant lights allow for comfortable direct / indirect lighting and provide an orderly aspect to the overall image. G3 also updated the elevator lobby and floor reception, creating a new company-wide training room in the process.

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