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Building exterior envelopes are composed of a multitude of design elements – walls, doors, windows, storefront systems, balconies and terraces, sidewalks, decorative items (cornices, water tables, columns, pilasters, capitals, cartouches, balustrades and trim), mortar, and caulk, as well as internal components. These elements are each composed of separate materials – brick, block, stone (marble, granite), terra cotta, cast stone, concrete, cement, various metals, differing species of wood, glass, plastics, fiberglass, and asphaltic mixtures.

Over time, due to weathering, curing, oxidation, shifting due to temperature changes, whatever the cause may be, these elements, at different items and different rates of speed, deteriorate or decay. Addressing this is where G3 and its team of seasoned professionals brings their skills to bear.

Mechoshade Before
Mechoshade After

G3 commences our diagnosis of these conditions with an exterior field observation of the property, and a review of affected areas which have been noted within the building. From this, we review past experience with comparable conditions. Where necessary, our efforts extend beyond the face of the building, as deterioration of internal structures and systems (e.g. balcony supports, wall flashing, structural steel, screen walls, construction deficiency, etc.) is a regular occurrence. Tests (such as probes) are made on a selective basis to confirm suspected issues prior to the development of recommendations. The entirety of the above is ultimately combined into drawings and specifications delineating remedial measures to be undertaken.

Our team’s experience with exterior renovations includes the following locations:

  • Rockefeller Center

  • Waldorf Astoria Hotel

  • Barbizon Hotel

  • 73 Worth Street

  • 2 Beekman Place

  • 17 Battery Place

  • 45 Wall Street

  • 95 Horatio Street

  • 110-118 Riverside Drive

  • 115 East 87th Street

  • 131 Perry Street

  • 201 East 69th Street

  • 200 East 74th Street

  • 303 East 57th Street

  • 310 East 46th Street

  • 310 West 106th Street

  • 380 Riverside Drive

  • 407 Park Avenue South

  • 708 Third Avenue

  • 888 Park Avenue

  • 1185 Park Avenue

  • River Park Towers, Bronx, NY

  • 138 Bleecker Street, Brooklyn

  • 42-03 35th Street, Long Island City

  • 333 So. Highland Avenue, Briarcliff Manor, NY

  • Bellworks, Holmdel, NJ

  • Park 80 West Saddlebrook, NJ

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