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G3’s team of practitioners has performed façade inspections for over forty years.  While our services have been utilized nationwide, our principal experience has been in New York City, first with the city’s initial program, Local Law 10; then its revised program, Local Law 11, and now the current Façade Inspection Safety Program, or FISP.

Building façades are composed of a wide variety of materials and assemblies, and are subjected to the entire range of weather events – rain, snow, ice, high winds, and temperature extremes to name but a few.  As such, they deteriorate. Some deterioration can be easily seen with the naked eye, but much is hidden.  The results of such deterioration have been catastrophic failures where elements of façades have become loose and fallen, injuring both persons and property, at times even resulting in fatalities.

G3’s inspection efforts are performed through a variety of techniques, including visual scans, close-up inspection with high-powered lenses, and physical contact with the actual conditions, from scaffolds, window washing rigs or even via rope access.  We augment our work with research – reviewing documents from the construction of the building, historic photos, and maintenance records.  We pay special attention to issues that have a history of challenges – terra cotta details, cavity wall construction, projecting elements such as cornices and brackets, balconies and rails, and the like.  As well, we review the method and effectiveness of previous repairs.  From this, we develop reports in summary and detail both describing conditions observed and recommending remedial measures.

Our team’s experience with façade inspection includes the following locations:

  • Waldorf Astoria Hotel

  • 17 Battery Place

  • 45 Wall Street

  • 73 Worth Street

  • 303 East 57th Street

  • 380 Riverside Drive

  • 407 Park Avenue South

  • 708 Third Avenue

  • 888 Park Avenue

  • Gotham Centre, Long Island City

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