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Recently acquired by L’Oréal, this cosmetics start-up had grown somewhat haphazardly within their space in the course of just a few years when G3 was brought on board.


Our mandate was to streamline their workplaces, overlay business critical support spaces, right-size functional spaces that had been shoe horned here and there, and integrate their branding-centric messages and motifs throughout the space. Our services included complete programming, development of planning and infrastructure improvement criteria, overall design leadership, and management of a robust team including decorators, lighting consultants, audio visual specialists, studio designers, and specialty contractors.


Together we created unique spaces throughout the premises: a town hall for up to 300 users, a “playground” for creative serendipity, a dazzling reception area featuring awards and products, merchandising laboratories, video and photo studios, dressing rooms for models and celebrities, elaborate individual offices, and lunchrooms with panoramic vistas. Throughout the space, branding “mottos” and a healthy dose of pink make sure workers remember, they’re IT!

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