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G3’s project for Jefferies’ Quant group propels the “new” workplace to a new dimension. It not only embraces a raw, constructivist aesthetic, blending a variety of materials from rugged to whimsical to refined, in the same vein as many new alternate workspaces, but also offers a high level of adaptability to the users’ changing needs.


What elevates this floor is its ability to truly be a “plug-and-play” environment. The freedom of this dynamic space allows the users t o reconfigure their teams at will, providing reworked environments with a minimum of downtime and cost. It extends into the “public” spaces of the floor, where conference suites can be combined into larger scale assembly-type spaces. Utilizing moveable walls and incorporating a robust power and data infrastructure, the space was designed with all of the necessary structure to accommodate these changes at the outset, with air distribution, sprinklers and other mechanical elements also pre-planned to meet code in any of number of possible configurations.

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