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This new 95,000 square foot, mixed use urban infill project for an independent developer in Hudson County includes 51 one-bedroom apartments on 3 stories over two stories of parking, neighborhood retail and office spaces.   The site is an assembled parcel of seven lots along JFK Blvd and one along the block behind on Bergenwood Avenue to the west. Due to the steeply sloping topography towards the west, the entire lower level of parking is cut into the hillside. The hemmed-in site conditions did not permit a ramp for car circulation to the lower level; instead, a drive-thru hydraulic car elevator was incorporated to access all of the 82 parking spaces. The car elevator is user friendly and does not require an onsite operator.


The project features a vegetated green roof and a large solar array which helps to offset energy consumption and slow runoff from the roof into the storm system. A backup generator provides sufficient power to run the car elevator as well as one of the passenger elevators should it be required. Below the parking are tanks for rainwater collection, which is recycled to flush apartment toilets and water the planting beds on the first floor. Units include high end finishes, many with balconies and all with 9-foot ceilings. The views to the east overlook the Hudson River to New York City and to the west, the Meadowlands and Watchung Mountains. Great care was taken during design to limit sound transfer between apartments with enhanced floor and wall designs.

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