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Meet the G3 community.

"I returned to G3 after running my own firm, because we have a diverse practice, there is top talent, and we have fun and love what we do.  Many of the people I worked with over two decades ago are still with the firm, which speaks to the great work environment."
- Anne Bavier, Business Director

"Our team goes beyond limits to make sure the project is a success and our clients are satisfied. In this high-tech and A.I. intervention era, G3 maintains a keen understanding of the importance of human relationships."
- Juni Setiowati, Project Designer

"We consider functionality along with color, pattern and texture from the very beginning. G3‘s care resonates with each individual client and we create strong bonds that last years."
 - Paula Massaro Schmetterling, Project Manager

"While G3 has evolved significantly in our 25 plus years of operation, our mainstay is our staff.  Our dedicated crew, many of whom have spent the majority of their careers here, consistently strives to improve in every aspect of what we do, with our senior staff providing the mentoring needed for our next generation of professionals."
Greg Shunick, Managing Principal

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